Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for participation and registration on events or arrangements by Fjord Nature AS, from now FN.

This document must be read for registration of an event or arrangement organized by FN. When registering more participants, make sure that everyone reads this. When paying for an event or arrangement organized by FN, this agreement is automatically accepted. We recommend all participants read this document before payment.

Responsibility and co-responsibility for an event organized by FN

By participating in events in nature, there will always be a risk of accidents and injuries. FN wants to make our event approach risk-free. We do this by having qualified guides who are committed to follow our safety instructions.

The guide has overall responsibility for the group during our activities. It is therefore important that the participants consider that they themselves are fit enough to participate in the activity (physical form, skill, experience, equipment, etc.). This must be informed to the guide before the start of activity.

It is important that all participants are following these rules for a safe activity:

- Adhere to their guide's instructions throughout the event

- Be part of the planned group

It is also very important:

- All participants are obliged to inform about any health problems that may be relevant to the safety during the event, this must be informed directly to the relevant guide.

If it is a package tour with guiding, accommodations and other second part providers, FN are only responsible for the activities where FN are the main organizer.

Terms of arrangement

When the participant has paid the registration fee, the agreement between FN and the participant is entered. The payment will normally be paid at the same time as registration, by invoice it usually has a 14 days payment deadline, or at least 30 days before the start of the tour.

What is included in the price is specified in the description of each single tour.

FN does not offer cancellation protection, travel or accident insurance at our event.

Travel and accident insurance are something we recommend to all our participants when attending our event. For larger events we also recommend insurance with cancellation protection.

Duties during arrangement

Participants attending an event organized by Fjord Nature are obliged to follow the guide / instructor's instructions. If this is not done, the guide / instructor will be able to end the tour and the agreement between FN and the participant will be terminated.

Cancellation of event

If canceled up to 30 days before the event starts, the entire amount will be refunded, except for a 10% management fee on the tour price.

If canceled 30-15 days before the start of the event, the participant must pay 25% of the event price.

If canceled 15-7 days before the start of the event, participants must pay 50% of the event price.

If canceled 7 days prior to the start of the event, or if the participant has not attended the event, the participant must pay the full price of the event.

Change of order

If it is desirable for the participant to change the booking, this can be done for an administration fee. The fee is calculated of the costs for changing for FN.


FN can cancel a tour at any time if the number of participants is not filled up in relation to what is required of the event's description. Fjord Nature is obliged to provide information on this as soon as possible, and the participant is reimbursed the amount paid.

If the environment makes an event or activity too risky to conduct, FN can cancel the event or activity without any further reason.

Bad weather / conditions

In bad weather conditions, FN will find the best and most similar event or arrangement suitable for weather conditions. If the participants do not accept this, the event or activity will be canceled without refund. 



FN makes reservations about typos in all documents and marketing materials prepared by FN.